Thursday, January 9, 2014


A quick update on how I'm doing...

The depression has subsided but the hypomania that was present has continued and really worsened over the last couple of days. I called my new doctor who I wasn't supposed to have an appointment with until next month and he squeezed me in tomorrow.  Im so grateful to him for that. I didn't want to go back to my current doctor.  I'm sorry I haven't written part 3 of my hospitalization.  I'm uncomfortable and unable to concentrate.  I have faith that Dr. Haerian will make a helpful medication change!

The good news is I'll be writing an article about my hospitalization for the next NAMI Maryland quartley newsletter! Yay!


withallmyheart said...

Sara, We may not have control over our mood disorder, but knowing how to take care of ourselves is so important. Sometimes I think it is difficult to communicate that we feel ill, or that 'something is wrong'. I am *so* proud of you for contacting Dr. Haerian, and also for going to the emergency room a few weeks ago. I hope this makes some sense. Bless you, Sara. :) <3 Leslie

Amy Purdy said...

That is terrific about the article for the newsletter! I know how awful the concentration issues can be with hypomania, so I hope it subsides soon (and hopefully it WON'T be replaced by more depression). Good luck at your doctor's appointment. I'm glad he could fit you in.

Eddie Godwin said...

Hello, I just want to tell you thank you so much for sharing your story....... It's nice to know that others are out there feeling the same way and deal with this. My father, my self, and now my brother all have this. I have been able to control my self with meds and therapy...... I found your blog today why looking for reviews for Sheppard Pratt. I just had to place my brother in there two days ago. I hope this will help him get on the right path and under some control.

Again thank you for sharing you're story. You are. Inspiration ...... I wish you the best !!