Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Help the Homeless Initiaitve Christmas Joy Bags!!

This is the 2nd year my family and I will be handing out bags to the homeless in Baltimore, on or around Christmas. Last year, we were able to buy enough stuff to hand out around 50 bags. This year, we plan to spend the same amount of money that we spent last year on items to put in the bags . We are hoping that with donations, we can double the number of bags to 100 this year!

I have made an Amazon wish list of items we need. The items bought from the wish list will ship directly to me. If you would rather donate money instead, and have me purchase the items, we can arrange that as well, just send me an email at with the subject of “Help the Homeless Initiative.”

Here is the link to the amazon wish list for this year’s bags…

Help the Homeless Initiative, Inc. is in the process of becoming a non-profit organization. As of this year, donations are not yet tax deductible. Sometime next year, I should have my federal non-profit status.
Here are some pictures of last year's efforts!

Last year, multiple people were asking for the reusable shopping bags that we carried the bags in, so this year I hope to give each person their items in a reusable shopping bag instead of just a Ziploc bag.
It is certainly the little things that we take for granted that can be so meaningful for someone less fortunate... like a $1 reusable shopping bag.

Thank you in advance for any donation you can make and please share this with your friends and family!


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