Saturday, September 8, 2012

Famous People With Bipolar!

The beautiful Marilyn Monroe was said to have had Bipolar Disorder!

Jane Pauley: Former Dateline NBC Host

A video of an interview done with Jane Pauley:

Actress Patty Duke credits Lithium for saving her life

Gone With The Wind actress (among others) Vivien Leigh was said to have had Bipolar Disorder
Actor Richard Dreyfuss went public with his Bipolar battle in 2006
Rapper DMX battles Bipolar Disorder
Famous writer Kurt Vonnegut was thought to have lived with Bipolar Disorder
Actress and Writer Carrie Fisher has Bipolar Disorder and she has been very open in discussing her diagnosis publicly
After her very public melt down and psychiatric hospitalizations in 2008 it is suspected that Britney Spears has Bipolar, it has however never been confirmed by Britney.

That is it for this evening.  This will be continued tomorrow!  There are so many more famous individuals with Bipolar!  It will take me quite a while to get them all posted, in due time I will get quite a few more up here.  Expect some more for me tomorrow!

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