Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kevin Breel: Confessions of a Depressed Comic

This teenager, Kevin Breel, is so incredibly strong and courageous! This is such an inspirational video! It is worthy of watching every second of! Below is one quote that I really liked, there are plenty more where that came from to be found in this video!

"Unfortunately we live in a world where if you break your arm everyone runs over to sign your cast but if you tell people you're depressed, everyone runs the other way. That's the stigma. We are so, so, so accepting of any body part breaking down, other than our brains and that's ignorance. That's pure ignorance and that ignorance has created a world that doesn't understand depression, that doesn't understand mental health. That's ironic to me because depression is one of the best documented problems we have in the world yet it's one of the least discussed. We just push it aside and put it in a corner and pretend it's not there and hope it will fix itself. Well it won't, it hasn't, and it's not going to because that's wishful thinking." -Kevin Breel

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