Monday, March 31, 2014

The Positive Things About Sara

A friend encouraged me to do this so here it is...

The *positive* things about Sara – I am compassionate --I am a good aunt --I am smart. --I am funny --I share my story so others can benefit. – I am beautiful—I am strong-- I am a good writer—I am sensitive—I put the ones I love first—I have overcome all obstacles--I am a fighter --I am a survivor—I am ME!

This was all I could come up with for now!

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withallmyheart said...

Fantastic, Sara!

Might you consider posting a sign above your desk (etc.) with these affirmations? or making them in an artistic way (think art therapy??), if you so are disposed, to express your understanding and appreciation for Your Self?

Keep on keeping on, Sara.
I am proud of you!

leslie, baltimore