Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A long overdue update...

I know I haven’t really written much in quite some time, I apologize for that. I will make it a goal of mine to do some writing for the blog this weekend. 

Recently, I left my job working with the homeless population in DC. It was a job that I loved and I was working for an organization that I loved but the commute was wearing on me. On a good day, my commute was at least an hour and a half each way, most days it was a good bit longer and then I drove all over DC for my job. It was a bittersweet decision to leave that job.

I am really enjoying my new job and the flexibility in the schedule. I am working for a non-profit organization doing consumer quality improvement at the state psychiatric hospitals and the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs across the state of Maryland. I go into these organizations and talk to the consumers about what they like, what’s working, what needs improvement, any concerns they may have and so on. These concerns are all reported anonymously (unless permission is given otherwise) to the organization as well as at the state level to the Core Service Agents and Mental Hygiene Administration. We visit each organization 3-6 times per year and we have been able to elicit some great changes and improvements with organizations all across the state of Maryland. 

My new job is less than a mile away from home, it is incredible! I plan to start walking there when the temperatures start to die down a bit, it’s been too miserably hot recently to walk in dress clothes to work. I do travel across the state to visit organizations but that is not every day and I receive mileage reimbursement for all the miles that I do drive. I had been spending $120/week on gas when I was commuting to DC. Ending the DC commute has already proven to eliminate so much stress from my life. I feel so much more rested because I can sleep 2 hours later in the morning. I am so much less stressed and irritable because I’m not commuting so many hours a day and bringing work home with me so that I can beat the rush hour commute. I am grateful to have been given the chance to make this change which I feel has been able to improve the quality of my life and will continue to do so.

 My sister gave birth to a handsome little boy on July 3rd, he is 3 weeks old today! He is such a sweet little guy and I just love holding him and watching him sleep so peacefully. My older nephew is such a good big brother, it's so great!  Here is a pic of me and baby Ben on the day he was born and a pic of Ben and his fabulous big brother Connor.

Just before beginning my new job, I took a girls weekend trip to Ocean City! I had such an amazing time! It was such a great long weekend! I will post some pics from the weekend below!

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