Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bipolar Isn't Easy

I wrote this yesterday for the Kissing Stigma Goodbye Facebook page , I thought it would be nice to share it on here as well!
Bipolar isn't easy, it's a struggle, a daily struggle! Bipolar is no walk in the park and I would never pretend that it is. Each of us experiences Bipolar differently, there is no cookie cutter version of what Bipolar is and how it presents itself. What is accurate across the board is that each of us experiences a struggle, the struggle of life with Bipolar Disorder. Each of us has an untold story consisting of the parts of our illness that we are ashamed of and each of us has a story that we have told to others. How much of that story that has been told varies from individual to individual. Keep telling that story, tell the good, tell the bad, tell the ugly. Tell all that you are willing to tell because the only way that we will ever fight stigma is by being truthful. Those of us living with Bipolar Disorder are fighters, we are survivors! Never be ashamed to say, this is what I've been through, this is what I'm going through now but I'm going to keep fighting, I'm not going to give up because I am a survivor and I am stronger than this illness! Your story is something to be proud of because you have overcome and made it to where you are today! Much love, Sara

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