Monday, September 23, 2013

Going Under

This is a wonderful piece titled Going Under; written by Adrienne, an awesome and caring woman, that I know solely through the internet as a result of Kissing Stigma Goodbye. She helps me out with the Kissing Stigma Goodbye Facebook Page, and it is great to have her help! She posted this on the Kissing Stigma Goodbye Facebook page recently and I wanted to share it with all of you who follow my blog!

Going Under
Imagine you're standing on a beach. You're right at the water's edge. Your bare toes are in the sand and every now and then, the waves lap up and cover your feet.
As the wave goes out, it takes some sand with it. You don't really notice it at first. A few grains of sand here and there aren't that big of a deal. You're still standing there looking out at the ocean. It's so big and so amazing. There is so much you don't know or that you can't see.

As the waves keep coming and going, you start to sink a little bit. You no longer see your toes. Your feet are sinking deeper into the sand. Little by little your foundation is being ripped out from under you.
The farther you sink, the quicker it seems to happen. What was once just a few grains of sand is now handfuls. Your feet are almost completely covered and your view of the world is now skewed. You aren't on level ground.

You can look around and see everyone else running along the beach; playing and laughing. No one else is sinking. You're the only one.

Eventually, your feet go out from under you. You fall to the sand. The waves are now washing over you. You want to get up, but the sand has a hold on you now. It's almost become comfortable there. You almost feel safe.

If not safe, it at least feels familiar.

You've gone under.

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