Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm going to give a little information about my current life, that's not something I typically practice with this blog. I am set to graduate in 2 months with my MBA! It is so crazy to me that I have accomplished such an amazing milestone in my life and I look forward to all my career has to offer me! With that being said, I am extremely industry specific in regards to the work I want to do. I want a career not a job so I need to love what I'm doing. I want an administrative position in a non-profit, mental health organization. I love the work I'm doing now for my internship, it is exactly the type of work I'd like to continue to do. I had a meeting with the executive director where I am completing my internship this morning. I wanted to discuss with him the possibility of any positions that may be opening there. I did not go into the meeting really expecting anything to be open, it is not that large of an organization so there aren't positions open that often. I was indeed right that they had nothing to offer me. The executive director told me he wishes that he did have something to offer me because he knows I'd do a great job and that if anything were to come available he would let me know. Not entirely surprising to me,basically what I expected to hear. What I did not expect to hear was what he then discussed with me for about 20 minutes. He is a man that knows many many important people in the world of mental health. He has contacts at NAMI, Mental Helth America, Shepard Pratt, so on an so forth. He listed tons of mental health organizations he knows people at. He told me to get my resume to him and he would send it out to all of the organizations that he knows individuals at along with his reccomendtion for me. He told me he'd be happy to help me find a job and he wants to talk with me in much more detail after he returns from his vacation next week. I never expected anything like that. I am so grateful to him that he is offering me that kind of help. My resume will stand out from the rest when it is going straight to an executive and coming from a well known executive director. This was an amazing and gracious offer he made me and I left his office feeling very hopeful that I will find just the right job to begin my career and hopefully one day I will be starting my own non-profit and if not then I sure better be running one down the line! I can't even express how grateful I am to him for this and how lucky I feel to have someone take such an interest in helping me get to where I want to be with my career! I really feel so lucky today and everyday! Life is truly amazing for me, finally! They say good things come to those that wait, well I guess I waited long enough because life is good now!

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