Sunday, October 6, 2013

I have made the decision to place my Kissing Stigma Goodbye Facebook page on hold for an indefinite amount of time. I started the page solely with the intent to promote the blog. It turned into so much more which has been an increidble experience for me and gave me the chance to provide support to so many individuals from all over (around 3,000 followers currently). However, it has been incredibly time consuming for me and has taken away from my ability to spend time writing for the blog. The blog was the reason I started Kissing Stigma Goodbye. I will miss my page and the ability to make connections with so many individuals but I am looking forward to bringing myself back to writing, which is what I love. I am working on writing a blog post right now, it is about a quarter of the way finished, you should expect it Monday or Tuesday! There will be much more writing to come from me in the near future!

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