Thursday, October 18, 2012

Can you spare a little change to make a big change?

Below is Bring Change 2 Mind's description of their new campaign called Change a Mind Campaign. Bring Change 2 Mind is a fantastic organization and this is an awesome campaign that they are running!  I am going to participate in this campaign and I urge you to as well! It is for a great cause and it costs nothing more than the change in your pocket! Let's do it!!! 
One, two, three... FIGHT STIGMA!
 -Kissing Stigma Goodbye-

The description below can be found at 

1 in 4 people are affected by mental illness — even Presidents.

Abraham Lincoln lived with a melancholy now known as clinical depression. Some historians believe it enhanced his pragmatism and aided in his successes. Lincoln was not alone in his bouts with mental illness; his wife is thought to have lived with schizophrenia.

What if we had turned our back on Lincoln? So many living with mental illness are given up on because of stigma and discrimination. What if you lent an ear rather than judgment?
Perhaps one day that same person will thank you in their Presidential acceptance speech.

Bring Change 2 Mind is launching the Change a Mind Campaign this election season. We are running on the platform of change, but we don't need a billion dollar budget.

Join us in eliminating stigma and discrimination by helping our campaign collect change to create change. When you're at the gas station, or the grocery store, and the cashier gives you back your change — think of how you can Bring Change 2 Mind. When you find spare change in the car seat, under the couch cushions or in the laundry — think of how you can Change a Mind. Have your school, family, workplace or community center join you in collecting coins.

Every cent counts in this campaign. We'll count nickels. Or pennies. Because we never forget who is on the penny. It illustrates that we're all affected, even one of our most beloved Presidents.

Funds raised will be used to create awareness and educational campaigns designed to reduce the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness. It only makes sense.
Change a mind about mental illness and change a life.
Send your change to:

Change a Mind Campaign
1265 Battery Street, Fifth Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111
Follow the campaign:

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