Friday, October 12, 2012

Poems from a KSG follower!

A follower of Kissing Stigma Goodbye on Facebook by the name of Lucius Maurice has posted some poems on my page expressing his thoughts, feelings and emotions as he goes through his journey.  I asked him if I could post them on the blog for all to see so others could benefit from his expressions as well and he gave me the go ahead, so here they are!


No front store parking
With a blue and white sign
No wheelchair needed
I can walk sometimes

No cane or walker
Could assist my kind
No walking stick held
I can see just fine

Mania and depression
My mind is disabled
Just a crazy man
Is how I’m labeled
*My Wish*

I wish
Time stood still
So we all could heal
To enjoy the life we're given

I wish

Hurtful words
Exist no more
So we’re all positively driven

I wish
We all said hi
To those walking by
That’s where the change begins

I wish
For a world free of sin
No more war just friends
One Love till the end

 *Bottom of the 9th*

With a note by her side
Eyes filled with tears
She slowly exhaled

With a hint of fear

Medicine and water

On her oak night stand
She twisted the top
And filled her hand

As she reached over

For the crystal glass
She heard the sound
Of a very loud crash

Glass was shattered

All over the floor
Her son soon pushed open
The bedroom door

He said, “Sorry mom,

I got a good hit”
You can use my allowance
To get the window fixed

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