Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Poems From a KSG Follower

A follower of Kissing Stigma Goodbye on Facebook by the name of Lucius Maurice has posted some poems on my page expressing his thoughts, feelings and emotions as he goes through his journey.  I posed a few of them a couple weeks ago with his permission and now I am posting the ones he has sent to me since then. Enjoy!

*Hold on*

Though times you feel alone
And no one seems to understand
How much you have been suffering
The Almighty has a plan

Under all your pain and emptiness
He planted a seed, a soul
Be strong and just hold on
You shall reap what he has sowed
*A Purpose*

So you have no strength
To get up today
And search for a reason

Why you shouldn’t stay 
Wrapped in silk
In that little cocoon
Held captive in your mind
In a quiet dark room
Here’s your purpose 
And reason why 
Look out the window 
At the blue and white sky

Look at the kids
Headed to school

Red and yellow flowers
All in full bloom

Look at the sun
With its rays bright

Life is your reason
To rise up and fight  
 *Lean On Me…..*

They all gathered around

On the side and at the head
My support team assembled

Standing around my bed

I didn’t give the call
Letting them know I was ok
They hadn’t heard my voice
In about two or three days

See one has a key
Two I text and call
Two more are my neighbors
They live across the hall

We talked throughout the night
They put the gleam back in my eyes
They overflowed my heart with love
They put spirit back in my life 

 *Lemons to Lemonade*

He had the skills of Picasso
A smile so contagious
But mom saw a change

His actions became outrageous

Frustrated and confused

Not knowing what to do

She sought the opinions

From a doctor or two

She cried out, why him!

Bricks had fallen by the ton

A Bipolar diagnosis

For her teenage son

There were ups and downs

Mom was there to help him fight

He focused on his gift

He excelled throughout his life

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